Tune in and trust

Every now and again, often when energy and spirit are the last things on our minds, something happens to remind us to let go and trust.

Signs and signposts are around us all the time, little messages from the universe to show us we’re not alone – and sometimes, just sometimes, those whispers on the wind are pure magic!

Today, for me, has been one of those magical days – full of awe-inspiring moments that reminded me just how amazing the unseen world really is.

It all began this morning…

Not unusually, I was running late for an appointment. I’m involved with a wonderful networking group called Fenland Women Of Achievement (FWOA – great acronym, eh?) and, just as I was about to leave my house, I had a really strong, out of the blue urge to take a pack of medicine cards. Not any old medicine cards, of course, but I pack I hadn’t used for a while, buried at the bottom of a stack of storage boxes. This was one of those magnetic pulls that couldn’t be ignored so, with a glance at my watch and a huff of annoyance, I closed the door again, put down my keys and went back in search of the pack.

Eventually, cards in hand and with 20 minutes for a 45 minute journey, I headed out.

En route, I could feel spirit with me – again, not unusual, but there seemed to be more than normal. As well as my usual helper spirits, I had a few new ones, together with some old friends who hadn’t made themselves known for a long time. Consensus reality also had a few allies to show me – buzzard, kestrel and crow had all made themselves known. By the time we arrived at the destination, I was flanked by my usual spirit guardians, plus an additional circle of protection around the outside and two new energetic shields. I was positively buzzing with energy.

Once inside, I quickly realised what the extra protection was about – the building we meet in is full of spirit anyway, but it seemed a little busier than usual! Nothing negative, to be clear, but enough to have potentially thrown me off kilter had I walked in ‘open’.

Once the formal part of the meeting was over, we gathered in the cafe area for lunch. Just before Christmas, one of the group’s members had asked me to make some medicine jewellery for her daughter and I’d asked her to supply me with a few pics to help me tune in; today, those pictures were handed do me across the table. To set the scene, I knew nothing about this girl other than her age but, after holding the prints for a matter of seconds, I felt a strong feline energy and blurted out “Cat”. It was one of those moments when it feels as though everything has fallen silent and everyone is looking your way – you know the ones? The lady stared at me for a second: “I didn’t tell you that,” she said, “Her name’s Catherine, but she insists on being called Cat.” If anyone at that meeting didn’t know about my work with spirit, that cat (if you’ll excuse the pun) was well and truly out of the bag! 🙂

Later, I was talking to another lady who was telling me about some of the situations she’d been facing, when it became clear that this was why the medicine cards had wanted to come along. Wondering how she’d react, I took them out of my bag, only to be met with the brightest smile I’d seen from her in a while. Within minutes, I had a queue of people wanting readings and spend a good few hours doing just that. Several times, I thought I’d finished, only for another person to tap me on the shoulder and ask if they could go next – even a couple of staff members from the building we were in asked to have their cards read.

From one meeting, I’d been able to provide guidance to ten people, explained shamanism to  group of interested individuals who’d never even heard the term before and been asked to deliver a talk to a group in another town. Not bad for a day that started badly!

No matter how busy we are, no matter how occupied we may be with the mundanities of the ‘muggle’ world, when we just tune in and trust, the real magic happens.

Walk in beauty,



About Taz Thornton (www.firechild-shamanism.co.uk)

Speaker | writer | firewalker | empowerment coach | shamanic artist | mentor | encourager. Debut tome underway for Moon Books. Follow me on Twitter - @TazThornton and find FirechildShamanism and TazThorntonOfficial on Facebook.
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1 Response to Tune in and trust

  1. Trish says:

    Thank you for your bog.
    Just the reading required today x 🙂
    may i trust in mine to guide me and go with the pull and pay attention to the signs, 🙂 it’s always good to be reminded of the results/rewards when we do pay attention.
    Your day to me , was one of being true to yourself giving benefit to many and sharing it only makes the positive vibration travel further x
    have a wonderful weekend 🙂


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