Shamanism on air: plenty to Feelgood about

Click to hear me being interviewed about shamanism on FM radio

IT’S been a while since my last blog, but so many of you have been asking to hear the my full radio interview, rather than the three minute teaser clip, so I thought I’d better oblige.

If you click the link at the top of the page, you should hear me chatting with Stafford FM’s Ian Beddow. What a lovely chap! For those who don’t know, Ian is married to the very lovely Kate Beddow – one of my Twitter friends. Kate is a reiki healer and has a really beautiful energy; her business name is Growing Spirit and you can also find her on Facebook…. go look her up. Go on. Yes, right now! 

Anyway, Kate and I have been chatting for some time now; it’s one of those odd situations where we’ve never met, but I feel our spirits have known each other for lifetimes. So, when her hubby took a leap into mind, body, spirit radio, Kate asked me if I’d be his first guest. The rest, as they say, is history. Hats off to Ian… he’s best known for news and sports commentary, and I’m sure a few of his radio pals treated him to a bit of teasing over his new Saturday night MBS show, Chill. It’s a great programme, though, and well worth the teasing; Ian has some wonderful guests and, of course, as you can tune in online, it’s certainly not restricted to Stafford! So, if you fancy having a listen, pop over to and/or and give your ears a gentle treat.

In other news, I’m busily preparing for The Feelgood Show – a new positivity event with an MBS twist I’m involved with organising. It’ll happen in Spalding, South Lincolnshire, on October 15-16 – you can find out more at We’ve been working really hard to get together an amazing array of goods for our Feelgood market place and we’re hosting talks throughout the weekend from a variety of Feelgood presenters (including yours truly). There’ll also be live music, book signings, food, drink and a lovely Feelgood atmosphere. So, if you fancy a day out, please, please pop over to Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and Gardens and say hello – it’d be lovely to meet you all.

Sorry this has been a relatively brief blog, but I promise I’ll be back with a newsletter soon!

Walk in beauty,

Taz xxx

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