Are you wearing your medicine today?

FOR almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been dreaming of things to create in the waking world. Whether asleep, or during a shamanic journey, it’s not unusual for me to come back with designs that simply have to be turned into physical objects.

In the shamanic world, this is known as bridging the dream and is one of many ways in which medicine objects are created.

In the early days, of course, I didn’t really understand the significance of such dreams. I’d just wake up, desperate to start crafting, then spend hours creating the piece I’d ‘seen’ on the spirit plane and – very often – know exactly who needed it. Most often, it would be a piece of jewellery, but it might also be a dance staff, rattle, drum, divination set… anything at all. As these dreams became more frequent, and the detail of the pieces became more complex, the wonders of the creation process began to unfold.

Special energies

My spirit teacher took time to explain that these pieces were imbued with special energies, designed especially for their keeper. These ‘medicine pieces’ were born to support their earth-bound owners, either topping up their energy to a more healthy level, anchoring a positive state or even acting as a spiritual protector. Sometimes, the objects had many roles; sometimes they acted purely to remind the keeper of their place on this earth, of their connection to the divine, of the importance of walking an authentic path, fulfilling their potential and harming none in the process – perhaps a little like a Christian might wear a cross.

Sometimes, I’d know who the piece was for and might even be given instruction for them, from spirit, but, as the creative process became more frequent, I’d be churning out medicine pieces until my fingers bled, often with no idea who they were for.

You see, when this happens, when something needs to be created, I’m acting purely as the channel – as the hands of my spirit guides, if you like. And when something’s coming through, it’s near impossible to ignore. My hands buzz with energy, sometimes my hairs stand on end, sometimes there’ll be heat surging through my body and there’ll be a magnetic pull towards the materials needed for the piece. When that happens, I surround myself with craft materials, clear my mind and allow spirit to work through me until it’s done. Quite often, I’ll have little idea of what I’m creating until it’s finished and I’m out of the shamanic ‘trance’.

Let go and trust

As I’m sure you’ll understand, there’s a huge amount of trust in this process – I’ll often have no idea what I’m about to create, what its role might be and for whom; I simply surrender to the process and trust that the owner of the piece will find it.

And they always do.

Sometimes they’ll find me at a craft event or MBS fair. Sometimes they’ll come across my website, or Facebook page, or Twitter feed, and get in touch. Sometimes they’ll bump into me somewhere and get talking about shamanism and all things spiritual. Sometimes a friend will point them in my direction. Sometimes they’ll find one of my cards somewhere totally random. However it happens, I’ve yet to create anything that’s stayed with me for too long before finding its rightful owner – it’s as though there’s some invisible thread connecting the medicine piece to the soul it was meant to connect with.

Power of the jewellery

Not too long ago, I had a reading with a lovely lady called Sue Hudd at an MBS fair. I hadn’t been drawn to a reading in years, but that invisible tug pulled me towards her. Part way through the reading, she suddenly asked: “Do you make jewellery?” I answered positively and, from there, Sue reeled off messages about the power of the jewellery, about people being drawn to the piece created for them and about people wearing them and wearing them until the piece had worked its wonders and they no longer needed the energy their medicine jewellery carried. “Celebrities will be wearing your jewellery” she said, “and people will be wanting you to make something especially for them.”

Well, that’s already happening – but Sue couldn’t possibly have known. I don’t tend to shout about the clients who ask me to channel a piece specifically for them – celebrity or not – that’s between us and spirit.

NB: If you’d like to read more about medicine jewellery and power objects, there’s a four page feature (written by yours truly) in the Nov/Dec 2011 edition of Kindred Spirit magazine. Can’t wait to get a copy? Here’s a link to my article: Powering Up

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