Are you working with Spirit, or is spirit working you?

WHAT is it about alcohol that divides so many people? Guaranteed, when I tell people I don’t drink, they look at me as if I have three heads!

What we know about alcohol is that a) it’s a poison, b) it creates a false high, c) it lowers inhibitions (and makes us vulnerable) and d) it’s addictive. Most of us will know of people whose lives have been ruined, whose relationships have been wrecked, whose health has deteriorated or, worse case have lost their lives through alcohol abuse, yet our society still views booze as a normal part of life. No, scratch that… our society still views alcohol as an ESSENTIAL part of life.

Don’t misunderstand me here, I’m no angel! I trained as, and worked as, a journalist and editor for many years. Fags and booze, back then, were tools of the trade, almost equal to a notebook and pen. At lunchtime, my colleagues and I would stroll down to the local pub and down a few pints (or shots, or glasses of wine), then go back to the office to write more scintillating copy. Over time, I could drink more and more alcohol with less effect, and I could keep up with the boys, thanks very much… although I did have a killer hangover after 12 pints of Strongbow on a night out with the team!

I can honestly say I was never addicted, never craved it, but booze was a normal, everyday part of life.

Back then, although most of my close pals knew I had a tendency to spot the odd dead person on the street, or be given the occasional message from long lost loved ones, I wasn’t following any particular spiritual path. I was just a fun-loving, work hard, play hard cynical journalist and drinking with the gang was part of the package.

As my career blossomed, I graduated from pints to champagne, but whether I was writing news and features for a regional newspaper, or editing a national business magazine and chilling out on Park Lane, booze of some variety was always in the picture.

Of course, the parallel to all this is that my spiritual exploration was growing as well. I’d found myself being pulled towards shamanism and was beginning to hone that natural ability to sense the ‘unseen’. Early on, I remember one of my first shamanic teachers being really, really anti alcohol and none of us really understood why. A few years later, another teacher had a similar outlook and, this time, a few of us were brave enough to ask why. This particular teacher had trained, for many years, with traditional medicine people in the Americas, and explained that alcohol punches a hole right through the auric field, creating damage that can take years to repair. As we began to digest this information, and as some of our group began to mourn their nightly glass of red, our teacher added that champagne was okay to drink. He didn’t explain further, but, the old journalist in me began to raise her head and encourage investigation.

Working with my own spirits (of the ethereal variety) I began to ask about champagne. I learned that it wasn’t so much about the type of drink, but about the intention. Think about it… people rarely reach for the Bollinger to get totally shitfaced, do they? Bubbly is usually consumed in celebration of a happy event, whereas other types of drink are often used as a crutch, as an aid to forget, as a drug to help us crawl through the stresses and strains of life.

Armed with this information, I merrily declared that I would drink only champagne from then on. You could say I missed – or chose to ignore – the point. Spirit, however, had other ideas…

The more I practised my spiritual work, the more my vibration raised and the more I opened myself up to lessons from my spirit teachers, the less I was able to take alcohol. At times, even a sniff would make me feel desperately ill.

A few years back, having taken the decision to cut right back, I went to a friend’s hen night. Through the entire evening, I consumed just one glass of white wine…and I was violently ill. A few weeks later, at the wedding, I politely sipped the champagne toast, then bolted outside to throw up in the car park. Lovely. No more alcohol for me!

For me, not drinking does not equate to boring. I can now have just as much fun sober – possibly more – thank you very much. In fact, at a work bash a few years ago, one of my colleagues tried to convince me to take a taxi home, rather than my car, even though I’d been drinking water and juice all night… he couldn’t understand how I could be so happy and relaxed if I wasn’t drunk!

The contrast with my glory days, when I didn’t like to go to a party, present at an awards evening or even sit with friends on a night out without a glass of something in my hand, is stark. Even if we’re not even addicted, society does teach us to depend on alcohol… we learn that it’s quite normal to depend on our nightly glass of wine to help us chill out, or that cocktail to help us have fun at a summer barbecue, or the trendy bottle of beer at a party just to fit in. Have a quick word with yourself; what makes YOU want to drink? What’s your intention? Do you really NEED that bottle with dinner tonight? If so, why?

Of course, the ‘no alcohol’ lifestyle doesn’t sit well with everyone in spiritual circles, and there are divided opinions. I’ve heard some shamanic people say alcohol is grounding, and I’ve seen others merrily drinking mead and sharing it with the fire as an offering. Each to their own, but it’s really not my path. When I run workshops, one of the rules is that participants have to be alcohol free for at least 24 hours either side? Why? Because I want their journeying experiences to be clear, because I don’t want their dreaming to be affected by the toxins in the alcohol, and because my guides tell me it’s the way to go, and when they speak, I listen.

Are there ever exceptions to the rule for me? Yes… there’s one particular guide I work with who uses very small sips of single malt as a vehicle for strong dream messages. And I mean a SIP… not even a quarter of a measure. When I work with this particular guide, the drink is used reverently, with respect, just as I might work with a plant spirit energy. Bottles of single malt in our house last a loooooooong time!

The other exception, of course, is using alcohol as a stabiliser for animal power essences and plant essences. For these, I use roughly 50/50 brandy and water and the essences are usually taken in water, a couple of drops at a time. So, if we acknowledge that the brandy form has quite a low alcohol percentage in context with the entire bottle of liquid, and that it’s divided in half again when I add it to the water in the essence bottle, and then that we only consume a tiny amount diluted in a much larger expanse of water, it’s far too weak a mixture to count as a boozy tipple!

So what’s the message of this blog? Am I telling you not to drink? No, absolutely not, but I am hoping my story might help some of you understand that we really don’t NEED to be under the influence of alcohol to have a fulfilling life. Even before my energy work stopped me consuming the ‘demon drink’, I was becoming very aware of how immune my body was becoming to the effects of alcohol… I was becoming numb to its effects and that, in itself, rang alarm bells.

Whether you believe we have one life or several, I want to live mine with alertness, with my eyes open, fully engaged with every passing moment, learning all that I can. Auric shield damage aside, alcohol numbs the senses, and I want my senses to be alive, in tune and ready to perceive the beauty of every waking moment.

Walk in truth and beauty,

Taz  Xxx

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16 Responses to Are you working with Spirit, or is spirit working you?

  1. Kate says:

    Honey I haven’t drunk alcohol (apart from for a solitary 6 months) for ten years now. I was pregnant, then breast feeding, then ill and alcohol made my symptoms worse, then I was ok for 6 months then I got pregnant again and I haven’t had the inclination to drink since. If people want to drink that’s their choice and I’m not ruling out the idea that I may suddenly feel the need to drink alcohol at some point (although I can’t imagine why that would be) but I choose not to in the same way that I try to eat healthily (although I’m far more likely to fall off that wagon, believe me!!). Great post, thanks for sharing x


  2. Anon says:

    Within a week of taking anti-depressants for anxiety, my drink problem and craving went away. It really doesn’t matter to me now whether or not I have a drink. My capacity for alcohol is also much lower than it was and just one glass of beer can make me sleepy. I am also more tolerant with drunk people.


  3. Thank you for your insights, interesting about the auric field…
    I thought I’d share that I did a journey to meet the ‘spirit of alcohol’ – I got the teachings relevant to me, which were that it is fun, like a decoration. But that is just the truth relevant to me and where I was at the time. Truth is such a subjective thing that I really recommend this journey to anyone wanting to find out more about their relationship with alcohol. For ‘beginners’ it’s a good idea to start with a clear intention i.e. a journey to meet the spirit of alcohol to ask for a teaching relevant to me now’ and go with your helper spirits.


  4. Kath says:

    I have always been alcohol intolerant even small amounts make me feel quite ill. THis is thanks to my Chinese genes (apparently about 50% of Asians do not have the enzyme to break down alcohol in the way that other people do). People give me pitying looks when I explain this to them but I have always viewed this as a blessing rather than a curse. Alcohol IS a poison. As a fitness freak not drinking alcohol suits me very well. No thank you to empty calories.


  5. Superb piece, bravo lady. Another ex/non drinker here. Totally concur xxx


  6. Jali says:

    It’s the vulnerability that comes with alcohol consumption that stops me drinking. I’m not teetotal, no.. but I rarely drink. I can go months and months, even years without a drop and not miss it in the slightest. I do like the odd sip of single malt though, or a brandy.. I used to drink red wine by the bottle in my 20s, but these days I can barely cope with a glass without feeling like I’m not in control (25 years wiser perhaps?). I analysed why not so long ago. Quite apart from the very negative connotations of my family history and all the trauma alcohol has caused there, (if that wasn’t reason enough to not drink), for me, in order to allow myself to have the vulnerability that alcohol consumption brings, I have to be in a safe place. So, that means I’m uncomfortable drinking out of the house, on my own, or anywhere without good friends. If I drink in your house, it means I’m totally comfortable and trust you implicitly. It’s very unlikely I will drink in a bar. Maybe a glass of something with a meal out if I’m really feeling relaxed and comfortable, but it’s not usual. My mother got me drunk a few months ago, in her home.. but I would have been just as happy with a cup of tea or coffee to be honest.. And don’t get me started on how ill it makes me feel the next day! Even a single glass of something and I can feel it the next morning. My body doesn’t feel like my own. It is quite thought provoking how much of a crutch alcohol is for much of society.. and I’m doing away with crutches in my life. I don’t need anything to prop me up.

    I had no idea about the link between auric field damage and alcohol, but it does make sense, and another reason to continue not drinking, (or drinking very little), for me. Thank you.. Your writing gave me pause for thought.. but in a very good way! 🙂


  7. 'B' says:

    I used to drink regular bottles of Bicardi with friends – I think it was a ‘ false sense of confidence, especially in social circles, and yes I agree our modern society suggests we’re weirdo’s if we ‘ refuse a drink’ – so sad when you consider the majority of depression often has its rootes within a background of Alcohol consumption, which gradually creeps up as the imune reaction to it increases.
    I will not state I never ‘ take a drink! Though for me ‘personally ‘ as my spirituall path has developed and deepend, my intolerance to Alcohol has grown imensley! As a healer I am aware that I need to be as ‘open a channel as possible’ in order to be used to be used by source, and that I have a responsibilty to ensure that channel is as clear and free from any internal or external obstacles as possible’. I know for many people Alcohol becomes a ‘crutch’ and yes for some ‘ life can be a ‘ broken leg ( or wing) but ‘hey! Broken legs heal much better without the booze! – I battled the ‘C’ 9 yrs back, and relied totally on the ‘ unseen sources and spirit guides to bring me through’!! My life just had to change afterwards, so along with ‘the fags, the drinking had to go, as I said, I won’t claim ‘never to drink, however, the capacity to drink is minimalized, and the soft inner voice gets extremley ‘loud ‘ if I even attempt to over do it!! Nope , I have a ‘natural daily high now -without the need for a bottle! -Its called ‘Living’ -and counting ‘every day as a new opportunity to be thankful for my daily blessings, which I believe I was sometimes so ‘ obliturated’ to previously!
    When my you gest Daughter gets married in September, ‘of course I will raise my Champagne glass to celebrate with everyone else’ but ‘ I have the choice now to take a sip, then return the glass to the table, instead of feeling ‘oh I ‘Must drink all this to fit the scene’ –
    I can now go out with the girls, or attend a Party and not ‘only have a fab time, ‘but have a clear memory of everything I ( and others) did the night before!!! Lol!
    Thanx for your blog and sharing some of your life lessons Yellow Wolf Moon, I entirely agree with you, and hope that my’ Aura is Well healed by now’ :-)) – ‘B’ – ‘wolfraven’


  8. Siobhan says:

    This is very refreshing as recently I was going through wat I would say psychic attack. I didn’t realise this at the time it went from negative thoughts to full on anxsiety n depression although I had nothing to be depressed about. Then I started to get illness after illness massive weight gain and then diognoses with underactive thyroid. All these issues got worse n worse until my spiritual work and Rieki was so badly affected I was on the verge of giving up. I found Ed Stracher on Fb then joined his prayer circle during which a very dark cloud was lifted. After this I gave up smoking then reduced my sugar intake and starchy food I’ve lost weight but the point I’m making is when I’ve drank alcohol I’ve became very ill and it’s negative affects have lasted weeks not just days not to mention the fact that I’m violently sick and just want the stuff out of me. I drank a bottle of wine with friends Saturday night n since then I’ve bin feeling very low and I’ve decided my body is rejecting this negative stuff out of my body.
    Reading this has only confirmed my thoughts and now I’ve come to the realisation it’s bin the route of all these dark problems. Thank you so much for your insight and feel very grateful for the advice
    Siobhan x


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