Angels and demons: should MBS events ever be purely about profit?

WHY is it that some exhibitors at mind, body, spirit events seem only to tick the first few boxes?

They have the mind that helps them decide to book the event and the body to be physically present, yet the spirit seems sadly lacking.

What do I mean by this? Obviously, everyone has a spirit… but I’m talking about the happy, positive, helpful spirit you might expect vendors at an MBS event to exhibit.

Is it just me, or do a handful of people seem there purely for commercial gain these days? I’m not sure if it’s because the cost of exhibiting at shows has gone up over the years, or whether they’ve simply entered the MBS arena for what feel, to me, to be the wrong reasons.

It’s absolutely not everyone – by and large, MBS events are still filled with wonderful people, but there do seem to be a few whose negative outlooks sometimes overshadow an otherwise beautiful weekend.

Let me explain by way of example…

Not so long ago, I was one of the guest presenters at a mind, body, spirit event in the UK. It was a really lovely weekend, run by a great team and with a friendly vibe running throughout. As well as speaking, I took a stand in the exhibitor hall. This was the first time the organisers had run an event of this kind and the effort they put in was phenomenal.

I had great feedback after my talk, sold a few shamanic tools I’d crafted and a bit of medicine jewellery and, more importantly, connected with lots of really interested people who wanted to find out more about my work. Many of them signed up to my newsletter at the stand and lots more took cards and leaflets so they could keep in touch.

Was I rich by the end of it? Well, I covered the cost of my stand and then some, but my pockets weren’t overflowing with cash. Soul rich, though? Absolutely… and money can’t buy that!

So why were some of the other exhibitors looking miserable? Why were some of them complaining to the organisers that they hadn’t made enough money? Why were some of them bitching to each other and asking how much they’d made and how much they’d paid for their stand? Why were some of them threatening not to pay? We all take a chance when we book a stand at an event – there’s no guarantee you’ll make profit, just as there’s no guarantee you’ll win if you buy a scratch card! Is that really what it’s all about? Is that really what YOU’RE about?

Why are you here?
Instead of griping, look at what you’re doing with your stand. What are your objectives? Are you using your presence at the show to connect with people? Can they sign up to your newsletter on your stand, or join some kind of mailing list so you can keep them informed about your products and services, or where you’ll be exhibiting next so they can find you again? Do you have information they can take away? Are you enthused and making an effort to talk to people? Are you passionate about your goods and services? Do you believe they can make a difference to the people you want to sell them to? Can YOU make a positive difference in their lives if they come and speak to you? What’s in it for them? And what are YOU doing to make your stand work for your business? People buy people, and if you’re not as invested or authentic as others in the hall, you won’t attract the same amount of customers. It’s that simple. What’s more, if you use your stall primarily as an opportunity to build your brand, develop trust and grow your tribe, it becomes far more worthwhile and far less about making a fast buck.

I once heard someone saying they’d entered the world of MBS & therapy to extract money from – in their words – “the weeping rich”. Seriously? Whether you’re a reader, crystal dealer or purveyor of the finest perfumed incense, if you’ve entered a soul-based, caring arena simply to take money from people, or to massage your ego, it’s my feeling that you have no business there. What’s more, do you really expect to sit in a room of psychically/energetically/spiritually aware people and not have your motives sensed? Ask yourselves again why you’re not making enough money from the people at these events… is it really all the fault of the event organisers? And as for asking what the organisers did to attract people to the event, what did YOU do? It’s in every stallholder’s best interests to let people know they’ll be there and promote the event through their own channels as well.

Balance in all things
This work is all about harmony, authenticity, integrity and balance. If those are all in place, if you’re working from the heart from a place of purity, you have a much better chance of attracting flow and abundance than setting your sights purely on extracting cash from people. You’ll also have a much better chance of attracting people to your stand!

There are thousands of really lovely, genuine, heart-based people exhibiting at MBS shows; they’re rarely the ones pointing fingers at organisers if they haven’t made lots of profit at the end of the show. They’ll be the ones taking a more balanced view, rather than looking for someone to blame.

And you know what? At the next show, they’ll be the ones people are seeking out, and they’ll be the ones getting the word of mouth recommendations too. They’re what MBS is about. They’re the ones with the mind, body AND spirit!

Until next time,

Walk in truth & beauty,


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2 Responses to Angels and demons: should MBS events ever be purely about profit?

  1. Carol Edwards says:

    yes, yes… have said what many of us think. Too many just just think about profit. Money is an earthly necessity in many ways but it does not reach out to the Soul and hug us.Many thanx for honesty. x


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