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Angels and demons: should MBS events ever be purely about profit?

WHY is it that some exhibitors at mind, body, spirit events seem only to tick the first few boxes? They have the mind that helps them decide to book the event and the body to be physically present, yet the … Continue reading

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Duvet days – catalysts for change

YOU know those days when you wake up, open one eye and get an incredible urge to bury yourself deep under the duvet again? I don’t mean because it’s cold, or because your loved one is lying next to you, … Continue reading

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Appreciating the simple things: trust, friendship and unconditional acceptance

I’M feeling quite sad today. I can’t explain why, exactly… just a deep ache in my heart space. Last night, I had a lovely dinner with friends and we stayed up until the small hours enjoying each other’s company, laughing … Continue reading

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Don’t go banging for the sake of it: simple tips for shamanic drum guardianship

THERE’S something really special about drums…. they contain some kind of magical energy that makes everyone want to pick them up and start making some noise. Bongos, djembes, frame drums, damroos, bodhrans, full five piece kits… they all seem to have … Continue reading

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The Destructive Power of Lies

WHEN was the last time you told a lie? Be honest… nobody’s listening. Was there a little fib to get out of something you didn’t want to do? Were you, maybe, a little frugal with the truth so that special … Continue reading

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A short, sharp kick might be just the medicine we need!

SOMETIMES, just sometimes, us two leggeds need a short, sharp kick up the backside. We get trapped on the treadmill of every day tedium, stressing ourselves about things we cannot change, running along at a fast pace yet not actually … Continue reading

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Native American misappropriation sure ain’t shamanic

LAST night I got caught in some Twitter crossfire. I had been minding my own business (as much as one can on a public social media platform!), engaging in some lighthearted banter with a couple of friends. The trouble started … Continue reading

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How do you respond to a revolution?

ASTROLOGY has never really been my thing, but when it became clear that so many people around me were struggling, going into ego, victim or simply acting out of character, I asked one of my more star savvy friends what … Continue reading

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There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer

INSPIRATION. It’s one of those words that conjures up images of climbing mountains, coming up with amazing, groundbreaking ideas or speaking to an auditorium full of eager listeners and teaching them how to change their lives. Those four syllables speak … Continue reading

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There’s a knife in my back… but who put it there?

SOMETIMES, just sometimes, I’m as stubborn as a mule. It doesn’t matter how much people warn me about a person, tell me to be careful or give me that look, if I’ve seen something I trust, something good, I tend … Continue reading

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