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When did you last really commit to something?

MY teachers used to talk about commitment. About how, in the old ways, people would walk across country for days to get to the teachings that were so important to them. What are we ever truly committed to these days? … Continue reading

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Beware the gurus

FLICKING though some of my old dream journals, I came across the following advice from one of my most trusted guides: “Beware people on high pedestals – especially self-perpetuating ones”. Looking back at the scenario I was living through at … Continue reading

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Shamanism on air: plenty to Feelgood about

Click to hear me being interviewed about shamanism on FM radio IT’S been a while since my last blog, but so many of you have been asking to hear the my full radio interview, rather than the three minute teaser … Continue reading

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Of cowries and kestrels: beginning a year-long shamanic adventure

SOMETIMES, no matter how much our heads try to┬ásteer us in a certain direction, the energies of the universe seem to have entirely different plans for us. We can spend weeks, months, even years pushing towards our goal, only to … Continue reading

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