Angels and demons: should MBS events ever be purely about profit?

WHY is it that some exhibitors at mind, body, spirit events seem only to tick the first few boxes?

They have the mind that helps them decide to book the event and the body to be physically present, yet the spirit seems sadly lacking.

What do I mean by this? Obviously, everyone has a spirit… but I’m talking about the happy, positive, helpful spirit you might expect vendors at an MBS event to exhibit.

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Duvet days – catalysts for change

YOU know those days when you wake up, open one eye and get an incredible urge to bury yourself deep under the duvet again?

I don’t mean because it’s cold, or because your loved one is lying next to you, all snugly and warm… I mean those days when hiding from the world seems the far preferable option. Continue reading

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Appreciating the simple things: trust, friendship and unconditional acceptance

I’M feeling quite sad today. I can’t explain why, exactly… just a deep ache in my heart space.

Last night, I had a lovely dinner with friends and we stayed up until the small hours enjoying each other’s company, laughing together, chatting and generally putting the world to rights.

We came home, went to bed, I dreamed and woke up feeling contemplative. I woke up thinking about all the imbalance in the world – all the damage we’re doing, not just to the planet, but to each other, and to ourselves. Continue reading

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Don’t go banging for the sake of it: simple tips for shamanic drum guardianship

Selection of Taz power objectsTHERE’S something really special about drums…. they contain some kind of magical energy that makes everyone want to pick them up and start making some noise.

Bongos, djembes, frame drums, damroos, bodhrans, full five piece kits… they all seem to have the same effect. They draw people to them, wide eyed and grinning, eager to start beating a rhythm. Or trying to ;).

It’s wonderful to see how simple percussion instruments can bring people together, raise the vibration, breed happiness… but sometimes, just sometimes, people can be a little too eager.  Continue reading

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The Destructive Power of Lies

WHEN was the last time you told a lie? Be honest… nobody’s listening. Was there a little fib to get out of something you didn’t want to do? Were you, maybe, a little frugal with the truth so that special someone heard only what you THOUGHT they wanted to hear? And what about lying by omission? Does that count?

What I want to write about today is the kind of lies that cause real damage – intended or otherwise. I want to encourage everyone reading this blog (yes, that’s you!) to THINK before embroidering the truth, bending the truth or being dishonest by omission. I want you to stop and think before trying to be clever with your words; I want you to think about the worst case scenario your dishonesty could unfold. What might happen if people discovered the truth? How would they feel about you? How would YOU feel about yourself?

Authenticity, for me, is hugely important. It’s like deep, spiritual cleansing. I try to hold onto integrity and authenticity above all else. Does that mean I’ve NEVER told a fib? Of course not – I’m human, and I’m sure we’ve all told the teensiest white lie from time to time, so where’s the line?

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A short, sharp kick might be just the medicine we need!

SOMETIMES, just sometimes, us two leggeds need a short, sharp kick up the backside.

We get trapped on the treadmill of every day tedium, stressing ourselves about things we cannot change, running along at a fast pace yet not actually gaining any distance. Another trap is to devote so much time and energy to helping and supporting others that we forget to take care of ourselves, or hold so much frustration, anger, fear, grief and worry inside that something has to break to release that pressure.

Well, there’s nothing like the threat of a debilitating, terminal illness to shock us into leaping off that treadmill! I can’t say I’ve been entirely thankful to Spirit for this particular lesson, but I AM coming around to being grateful for the lessons – and actions – it brought.

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Native American misappropriation sure ain’t shamanic

LAST night I got caught in some Twitter crossfire. I had been minding my own business (as much as one can on a public social media platform!), engaging in some lighthearted banter with a couple of friends.

The trouble started when a tweeter whose bio reads “Curmudgeon. Nehiyaw. Expert at cursing. Calls out Charlatans. Saviours, Earth Mothers & a myriad of BS” decided to wade into the conversation, asked questions about ‘shamanism’ and began to throw some pretty unsavoury language and accusations our way.

This person, I believe, has every right to be mightily pissed off about people – whatever their ethnicity or skin colour – ripping off, stealing, or even borrowing ‘Native American’ (or any other culture’s) traditions and/or ceremonies without the proper training, understanding and, perhaps, permission/blessing to do so. But here’s the problem… none of the people involved in the discussion this tweeter joined is even remotely guilty of anything like that.

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How do you respond to a revolution?

RevolutionASTROLOGY has never really been my thing, but when it became clear that so many people around me were struggling, going into ego, victim or simply acting out of character, I asked one of my more star savvy friends what was going on.

According to my pal Lisa Gates, we’re currently experiencing a yod. “A what?”, you might ask. I certainly did! Apparently, it’s a rare astrological aspect involving any three celestial bodies. This occurs when two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third. Thanks for that, Wiki!

Here’s how Lisa explained things to me on Facebook last night: “There is an astrological yod that made a direct hit today, highlighting karmic memories and dependency. But there is a series of events happening every day leading up to a solar eclipse at the end of the week. It’s the biggest week in astrology for a decade. It’s so exciting and yet the energy is so volatile. It is the Uranus/Pluto square. Since 2012 these two planets are creating the same energy that brought in revolution in the 60’s and the great depression in the 20’s and 30’s and this week they make another 4th direct hit – this will carry on until 2018. Revolution is already happening in society. World order will change and so is the consciousness of the masses. On top of all this there is a lot of sunspot activity – I posted this earlier today: Solar flares and photon waves are changing the fabric of our physical reality as they have a dramatic effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear.”

Right. That explains things then. Thank you, Lisa. Seems we’re all children of the revolution… and funny things always happen during a revolution, don’t they? Continue reading

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There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer

INSPIRATION. It’s one of those words that conjures up images of climbing mountains, coming up with amazing, groundbreaking ideas or speaking to an auditorium full of eager listeners and teaching them how to change their lives.

Those four syllables speak of dreams, of rich desires, of the unreachable… of that which we dare not hope to attain.

Or do they?

Surely, inspiration is something we all use every day, whether conscious of the fact or not. Something inspires us to get out of bed, to put one foot in front of the other, to have conversations, to Google something, to cook something delicious for dinner, to choose what to wear. Inspiration is a simple, every day thing, yet it’s a word we choose to file under ‘dreamer’ so often. Continue reading

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There’s a knife in my back… but who put it there?

SOMETIMES, just sometimes, I’m as stubborn as a mule. It doesn’t matter how much people warn me about a person, tell me to be careful or give me that look, if I’ve seen something I trust, something good, I tend to give the benefit of the doubt.

There are a number of people I consider more than pals, those I count as my soul family, those I’d walk to the end of the earth for and defend to the hilt. Maybe it’s my wolf spirit, my pack mentality, coming to the fore. Maybe, just maybe, I’m simply old fashioned.

But here’s the rub… to truly count someone as a friend, as a member of my soul clan, I need to feel they have my back. I have a deep-seated very human need to feel I can trust them, and that if someone is sticking in the knife when I’m not there, I want to KNOW they’ll defend me, just as I would defend them if roles were reversed. Furthermore, I need to know they’ll never be the one wielding the dagger. And sometimes, just sometimes, it turns out that the mutual protection I crave isn’t there… this person I chose to trust turns out to be just a mate, rather than a shield mate. Continue reading

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