If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it

WE have a beautiful figure of a totem pole. It’s sleek, black, finely crafted and carries wonderful memories from our last trip to Canada. In terms of medicine objects, it’s one of our favourites.

Various Haida-style creatures blend together seamlessly and, near the top of the pole, an eagle spreads his wings majestically, promising freedom, clarity, soaring to new heights; magical magnificence.

At least, that was the case, until our delightful kitten decided to brutally attack his sworn totem enemy, sending him cascading from the top of our highest bookcase, crashing to the ground with two broken wings.
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Of cowries and kestrels: beginning a year-long shamanic adventure

The One Year Shamanic Circle begins on April 8, 2011.

SOMETIMES, no matter how much our heads try to steer us in a certain direction, the energies of the universe seem to have entirely different plans for us. We can spend weeks, months, even years pushing towards our goal, only to end up turning around and doing something entirely different and, sometimes, when we accept the transition and go with the flow, our souls begin to sing.

You see, in this western world, it’s so easy to tune out our hearts and operate from the tactical, strategic, careful, sensible brain-mind instead.

Nothing wrong with that, you might say – where would we be if our accountants, lawyers and estate agents flicked off the analytical switch and began to operate purely based on emotion?

Well, as the old saying goes, it’s important to have balance in all things. So, when the brain-mind starts to completely overrule the heart-mind, it’s not unusual for spirit to start giving us a few gentle prods. And if we ignore the prods? Well, prepare your posterior, for the full-blown spirit kick is sure to follow!

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Tune in and trust

Every now and again, often when energy and spirit are the last things on our minds, something happens to remind us to let go and trust.

Signs and signposts are around us all the time, little messages from the universe to show us we’re not alone – and sometimes, just sometimes, those whispers on the wind are pure magic!

Today, for me, has been one of those magical days – full of awe-inspiring moments that reminded me just how amazing the unseen world really is.

It all began this morning…

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What is shamanic healing?

A shamanic practitioner may use a drum, rattle, herbs and feathers during your healing

As a shamanic healer, I’m often asked to explain what I do; it’s a difficult answer to fit into a nutshell but, essentially, shamanic healing is healing at the spiritual level.

Really, shamanic healing is a kind of spiritual reconstruction – a method of reuniting us with lost parts of our soul and removing spiritual blocks.

In today’s Western society, it is not uncommon for people to feel lost, or that a piece of their vital essence is missing. From a shamanic viewpoint, when we face periods of difficulty, or trauma, throughout our lives, part of the soul – our essence – can actually split away. In most cases, this happens as part of a coping mechanism; the piece leaving us takes with it the worst of the pain and, in some cases, a selection of the memories connected with the trauma. However, although this allows us to manage and get on with our lives, we are usually left with the sense that something is missing.

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What is shamanism?

What is shamanism? Wow! That’s a huge question… but it’s one I’m asked frequently and try to answer as openly as I can. Those of you familiar with this ancient spiritual path will know just how tricky it can be to answer what seems to be a simple query, and I hope I’ll be able to cover some of the basic elements in this blog. I’m aiming for shamanism in a nutshell!

Okay, the first thing to point out is that shamanism is NOT a religion; shamanism is, in fact, a spiritual path thought to pre-date any religion. The truth is that nobody really knows exactly how old shamanic practice is, although various sources claim it can be traced back at least 50,000 years.

Essentially, shamanism is an ancient way of gaining knowledge and is thought to be the oldest healing tradition in the world. The word ‘shaman’ actually comes from Siberia’s Tungist tribe and translates as ‘one who sees in the dark’. Historically, the shaman served as the communicator between the physical and spiritual worlds, bringing forth guidance and teachings and integrating parts of our life force that we have been separated from, helping us to regain our natural power. In short, shamans bring about healing by ‘mending’ the soul.

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Energy Detox: Tell it to the Trees

So many of you asked for this Energy Detox meditation outside of my newsletter, so, here it is in blog form:

You can always tell the festive season is upon us when the TV ads for various boozy tipples start to appear with alarming regularity, swiftly followed by promotions for indigestion remedies and hangover cures; come the new year, of course, the theme switches to weight loss programmes and exercise DVDs.

So many of us talk about joining the gym (again), dieting and detoxing our bodies, but how often do we think about detoxing our spirit? Shedding a few extra pounds is one thing, but what about cleansing away all that stress and dis-ease?

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Welcome to Firechild’s blog!

Well, here we are. It’s taken me an age to finally get myself into gear and set up a blog alongside http://www.firechild-designs.co.uk, but the dawning of the new year spurred me to action.

With this blog, I’m aiming to post regular updates, between newsletters, as well as providing information on shamanism, healing, craftwork and personal development. There are so many gems scattered across the web and, as I come across them, I’ll be happy to share these with you as well. I’m a big believer in pooling information – there are so many people out there who see everyone in the same field as competition, but I reckon it makes much more sense to join forces, unite our energies and pool all those wonderful resources for the good of all our relations. Maybe I’ll write more about this in another blog…

Anyway, this was meant to be merely an introduction, so that’s enough for now.

I do hope you like the blog (it’d be amazing if you subscribed as well) – if there’s anything you’d particularly like me to cover, please do let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

Until next time, walk in beauty.

Taz xxxx

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