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When did you last really commit to something?

MY teachers used to talk about commitment. About how, in the old ways, people would walk across country for days to get to the teachings that were so important to them. What are we ever truly committed to these days? … Continue reading

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Why do we worship spiritual superstars? (Or… paradigm shifts begin at home)

WHY are we so keen to hoist people up onto grand pedestals? Well we do, don’t we? Our culture has a horrible habit of turning people into gurus to worship from afar, bathing in their high, high enlightenment from our … Continue reading

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Lessons in perception, lessons on life

LAST night we went for dinner on a ‘date night’ and ended up having to wait for a table. A young fella, still in his dirt-smeared, bright orange work gear, was there on his own and invited us to sit … Continue reading

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Don’t go banging for the sake of it: simple tips for shamanic drum guardianship

THERE’S something really special about drums…. they contain some kind of magical energy that makes everyone want to pick them up and start making some noise. Bongos, djembes, frame¬†drums, damroos, bodhrans, full five piece kits… they all seem to have … Continue reading

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Are you working with Spirit, or is spirit working you?

WHAT is it about alcohol that divides so many people? Guaranteed, when I tell people I don’t drink, they look at me as if I have three heads! What we know about alcohol is that a) it’s a poison, b) … Continue reading

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Oh my Goddess!

NOT too long ago, a freelance journalist asked if she could interview me about the goddess movement. Honestly, the question took me a little by surprise; anyone who’s worked with me for any length of time knows ‘The Goddess’ ain’t … Continue reading

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Why I’ll never call myself a shaman (part 1)

SOMETIMES it amazes me how us Westerners find it so easy to forget our own culture. In today’s ‘get it quick’ society, we seem to want everything NOW, often in exchange for the swipe of a credit card, rather than … Continue reading

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Why I’ll never call myself a shaman (part 2)

(Back to part 1) A quick scour of the internet will tell you shamanism is the oldest known spiritual path, that it pre-dates religion by some time and that there are traces of shamanism all over the globe. Trouble is, … Continue reading

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Of cowries and kestrels: beginning a year-long shamanic adventure

SOMETIMES, no matter how much our heads try to¬†steer us in a certain direction, the energies of the universe seem to have entirely different plans for us. We can spend weeks, months, even years pushing towards our goal, only to … Continue reading

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Tune in and trust

Every now and again, often when energy and spirit are the last things on our minds, something happens to remind us to let go and trust. Signs and signposts are around us all the time, little messages from the universe … Continue reading

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