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Don’t go banging for the sake of it: simple tips for shamanic drum guardianship

THERE’S something really special about drums…. they contain some kind of magical energy that makes everyone want to pick them up and start making some noise. Bongos, djembes, frame drums, damroos, bodhrans, full five piece kits… they all seem to have … Continue reading

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How do you respond to a revolution?

ASTROLOGY has never really been my thing, but when it became clear that so many people around me were struggling, going into ego, victim or simply acting out of character, I asked one of my more star savvy friends what … Continue reading

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Oh my Goddess!

NOT too long ago, a freelance journalist asked if she could interview me about the goddess movement. Honestly, the question took me a little by surprise; anyone who’s worked with me for any length of time knows ‘The Goddess’ ain’t … Continue reading

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Are you wearing your medicine today?

FOR almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been dreaming of things to create in the waking world. Whether asleep, or during a shamanic journey, it’s not unusual for me to come back with designs that simply have to … Continue reading

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If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it

WE have a beautiful figure of a totem pole. It’s sleek, black, finely crafted and carries wonderful memories from our last trip to Canada. In terms of medicine objects, it’s one of our favourites. Various Haida-style creatures blend together seamlessly … Continue reading

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Of cowries and kestrels: beginning a year-long shamanic adventure

SOMETIMES, no matter how much our heads try to steer us in a certain direction, the energies of the universe seem to have entirely different plans for us. We can spend weeks, months, even years pushing towards our goal, only to … Continue reading

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Tune in and trust

Every now and again, often when energy and spirit are the last things on our minds, something happens to remind us to let go and trust. Signs and signposts are around us all the time, little messages from the universe … Continue reading

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What is shamanic healing?

As a shamanic healer, I’m often asked to explain what I do; it’s a difficult answer to fit into a nutshell but, essentially, shamanic healing is healing at the spiritual level. Really, shamanic healing is a kind of spiritual reconstruction … Continue reading

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What is shamanism?

What is shamanism? Wow! That’s a huge question… but it’s one I’m asked frequently and try to answer as openly as I can. Those of you familiar with this ancient spiritual path will know just how tricky it can be … Continue reading

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Welcome to Firechild’s blog!

Well, here we are. It’s taken me an age to finally get myself into gear and set up a blog alongside http://www.firechild-designs.co.uk, but the dawning of the new year spurred me to action. With this blog, I’m aiming to post … Continue reading

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