About Taz

TazWebMontageTAZ THORNTON is a shamanic healer, workshop leader and crafter of sacred ceremonial items, including rattles, medicine bags, dance staffs, medicine jewellery and the ‘Shaman Stones’ divination system.

Having been acutely aware of spirits and energies from an early age, Taz was steered towards shamanism by spirit before she even knew what it meant; this led to her working with a number of shamanic teachers over a decade-long learning curve.

Through Firechild, Taz offers one to one healings and mentoring, distance healing and group sessions and space clearing services, as well as workshops and training in empowerment, healing and shamanism, including shamanic crafts. She completed a year-long advanced shamanic healing programme in 2008, and is trained in several aspects of traditional ‘soul doctoring’, including soul retrieval and extraction, plant spirit medicine, power animal sourcing, light healing, chakra alignment and psychopomp work.

Outside of her healing commitments and workshop programme, Taz can often be found channeling spirit to create ‘medicine’ jewellery and sacred ceremonial and healing tools, such as drums, rattles, medicine bags and staffs. Taz’s shamanic crafts studio is based in Spalding at Unique Cottage Studios; drum making and creative workshops are usually held here.

Taz is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners and has presented at the society’s UK conference for a number of years. Outside of shamanism, Taz is trained in NLP and is also a reiki master, firewalk instructor and empowerment coach.

A member of the International Business and Personal Development Association, she is developing a following as a public speaker and trainer, encouraging people to step into their personal power and become the human being they were meant to be.

Taz’s first book – Whispers From The Earth – is currently underway. For details of Taz’s workshop and events programme, please visit the main site at www.firechild-shamanism.co.uk

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