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May 9th 2014 –

P R E S S    R E L E A S E


A SHAMANIC healer and workshop leader has joined forces with a global inspiration movement to take her meditation and spiritual training to people in a whole new way.

Taz Thornton, best known for her down to earth, no nonsense approach to spirituality, teamed up with SourceTV for her latest project – an online video training series designed to help people find and connect with their power animal in the comfort of their own home – or wherever they choose.

When people sign up to the four-day programme, they receive a daily instructional support video from Taz, direct to their email, as well as a protection meditation and shamanic drumming soundtrack to ‘carry them’ on their journey and a downloadable dream journal, with structured questions to help people record all they need to from their otherworldly adventures.

PowerAnimalCourseiPadThe videos can be enjoyed via people’s home computers, tablets and even smartphones, so it people really can learn whenever – and wherever – suits them. Once they’ve signed up to the course, people can also access the videos via the Source TV app, which went live earlier this month.

Taz, who is making her How To Find Your Power Animal course available via her own website – – as well as direct from SourceTV – – has been overwhelmed by support for the project.

She explained: “People have been asking me for online learning for a few years now, but I’ve always resisted. Initially, I firmly believed that energy-based teachings, such as shamanism and some of the empowerment training I deliver, should be in-person, so the energy can really be felt, but I was struggling to come up with a solution for those wanting distance learning; some of them lived miles away and were unable to leave their homes, and it seemed really unfair to leave them feeling cut off.

KevinSourceTV RachelSourceTV“When I found out about SourceTV and started to get to know its founders – entrepreneur and BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den star Rachel Elnaugh and Hollywood based TV/video/digital marketing expert Kevin Stein – everything started to fall into place. SourceTV is all about being able to deliver inspirational messages to a global audience and, source-tv-logothrough collaborating with Rachel and Kevin, I was able to put together a training package that ticked all the boxes for me, and then create it using the Source TV system. I couldn’t visit everyone across the country who was unable to attend one of my workshops, but I could film myself and create video content – which is the next best thing to live presenting.”

TazDrumPosePinkHair - pic by Alison BowieTaz added: “There are plenty of instruction books out there with drumming CDs, you can buy dream journals to write in and it’s fairly easy to find people talking about power animals on YouTube, but I’ve never seen everything in one place before, with safe, gentle guidance in video, audio and printed form. The feedback I’ve received so far has been really positive and I’m looking forward to producing similar content in the future, alongside more live events.”

Rachel Elnaugh – entrepreneur, star of BBCTV’s Dragons’ Den series 1 and 2 and co-creator of SourceTV – was keen to support Taz’s project. She enthused: “Having experienced Taz’s powerful shamanic work via being part of her One Year Shamanic Circle I am delighted she’s making these teachings available to a global audience via video on the Source platform. I’m on her How to Find Your Power Animal course myself and it’s brilliant.”

How To Find Your Power Animal is available from the workshops and courses section at, and from Taz is keen to ensure the course is accessible for all who need it, so has kept the price low at just £14.99.

For more information, contact Taz Thornton on or 07920 461040.

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