Energy Detox: Tell it to the Trees

So many of you asked for this Energy Detox meditation outside of my newsletter, so, here it is in blog form:

You can always tell the festive season is upon us when the TV ads for various boozy tipples start to appear with alarming regularity, swiftly followed by promotions for indigestion remedies and hangover cures; come the new year, of course, the theme switches to weight loss programmes and exercise DVDs.

So many of us talk about joining the gym (again), dieting and detoxing our bodies, but how often do we think about detoxing our spirit? Shedding a few extra pounds is one thing, but what about cleansing away all that stress and dis-ease?

For many people, the festive season brings with it stress from over-spending, tense reunions and pressure to create the ‘perfect’ environment – so detoxing really needs to be a more holistic approach.

In order to cleanse and revitalise, we need somewhere to send all that negativity and stress we’ve been holding onto – there are lots of ways to do this but, this time, we’re going back to an old favourite – tree hugging! We’ve all heard the jokes (probably even teased a few people ourselves for being a so-called tree hugger), but there really is something in it. Think about it… trees are the standing people; they’ve been rooted to the same spot for years and years and they’re more connected to the earth than any of us. And think about their role in the survival of the planet – without the trees, we wouldn’t be here. So, not only are they deeply grounded, but the wonderful trees have been taking care of us, and the world we live in, for millenia. Treated with respect, trees have a beautiful energy, and they’re fabulous allies when it comes to shedding negativity energy and sending it back to the grid.

Here goes: Pull on your warm clothes and wellies, grab an old blanket or something else to sit on, and get out in nature! It doesn’t matter whether you find a tree in your local woodland, park, or even in your back garden – the important thing is to connect with the energy of the tree and ask it to cleanse you of negative energy. Once you’ve identified your tree, take a few minutes to tune into its energy and ask if it’s willing to work with you – don’t get too hung up on this, you’re just after a ‘feeling’ that it’s okay. When you’ve done this, it’s a good idea to give the tree a small offering – maybe a pinch of tobacco you’ve breathed a prayer into, or a bit of hair – even saliva… just something to give your thanks. Tune in again and find the right place to sit with, or lean on, the tree and ask the tree to take away the negativity/stress/dis-ease you’re feeling. Concentrate on your breathing – breathe slowly and deeply and try to find a rhythm that matches the energy of the tree; after a while, you should begin to feel a difference. Stay with the tree for as long as you need and, if you want to, ask the tree if you can continue visiting and working together. Don’t forget to say thank you, again, before you go home, and try to leave the area even more beautiful than you found it.

Let me know how you get on….

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3 Responses to Energy Detox: Tell it to the Trees

  1. What a brilliant idea – why haven’t I thought about specifically detoxing the spirit before? Thanks for giving me food for thought.


  2. jules123 says:

    I’ve actually been tree hugging tonight and given an offering..something which just felt right to do, so to come here and read what you’ve written makes me think i definately did the right thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Will definately try your energy detoxing


    • Firechild says:

      Aah, a fellow tree hugger… great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

      Let me know how you get on with the energy detox & thanks for leaving a comment.

      Walk in beauty,



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