Victim or warrior: who will you be in 2013?


THERE’S no doubt 2012 has been a difficult year for many souls… lots of us have been tested to the limit as we approach ‘The Shift’.

Personal crises have challenged so many; all different and, seemingly, designed to test us on the deepest level according to the difficult lessons we needed to learn.

Taking a step back, regardless of the shape of the teaching, there’s also been an overarching theme of the victim/warrior state. In shamanic teachings, we’re either on the path of the spiritual warrior, or we’re adopting a victim mentality. It’s sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, but that’s it; we’re one or the other with no space in between.

The point to remember is that we choose how to respond to any given situation. No matter how difficult, there’s a split second window of opportunity where we can decide how we’re going to react. Responsibility > response-ability > the ability to respond.

So, our mettle has been tested on many levels – not only on that very personal level according to the situations being thrown at us, but we’re also being challenged to keep our ‘chief’ at the wheel, rather than allowing our victim self to take control.

Drama, anger, fear, jealousy, ‘poor me’ etc are all victim states, and it’s easy to fall in – or be drawn in – to any of them. Arguably, it’s often easier to leap in and join the melee… if the warrior’s path was an easy one, there would be no teaching and we wouldn’t be able to grow.

Social media
Used properly, I’m a big fan of social media – it has the potential to support wonderful, like-minded communities who, otherwise, wouldn’t come into contact; it can spread the word about causes that need our support; it can connect loved ones across the miles and help us to share important messages, together with joy, love & solidarity across the globe. The downside is that it can also be used to spread negativity like a virus!

I’ve noticed Facebook’s walls being covered in drama-based updates more and more throughout this year. It’s become a breeding ground for victim mindsets, as it’s so easy to be drawn into our egos and have our say on other people’s lives. Trouble is, there’s a fine line between genuinely lending support and perpetuating the drama which, ultimately, doesn’t help the poster. And, if we can take a step back and leave our egos at the door for a moment, it’s fairly plain to see which messages are drama based, which responses are of pure intent and which are rooted in ego and/or other victim states. (There’s an argument over whether ‘ego’ is a victim state in its own right, but that’s for another blog).

Sharing your drama with the world and then drawing responses from others is a bit like a drug addict getting a fix. Sure, for a short time, you feel supported, vindicated even, perhaps with a smattering of anger, self-righteousness and pride. But then, when you come down from your drama-based high, are your problems solved? More often than not, they’re still there, and you’re left needing another high to take your mind off your current woes, so need to post yet another update, perhaps with more drama than the previous one in order to gain the desired attention.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But just take a step back and look honestly and openly, from the place of the warrior, at some of the social networks you belong to. Can you see it unfolding? Have you been part of it? Have you, perhaps, helped to create it?

Positive attitude
The point, of course, is that these challenges we’re faced with take on different forms according to how we view them. If we choose take the victim’s path and drown in the drama of the situation, it’s much harder to climb back out. But… if we can hold the warrior’s view, accept the challenges as our own, look for the teachings and be thankful for those teachings, we’ll probably find a very different outcome and, most certainly, a much clearer, more positive attitude.

Am I saying we shouldn’t share our challenges on social media? No… my point is that we should use greater awareness in deciding HOW to share them and be self-aware enough to first ask ourselves: “Why am I saying this?”, “What do I want to achieve?” and “Is there a ‘cleaner’ way to share this situation?”

As we move into 2013, the energies will continue to shift, and it’s up to us to choose how we react. Maybe it’s time to roll with the punches, accept our challenges as our own, be thankful for the rich teachings they bring and be self-aware enough to check in with ourselves – and our reactions – regularly. And if we still crave all that drama and want to take the victim’s path? Well, at least be clear about CHOOSING to do so.

See you in 2013!

Walk in truth and beauty,

Taz Xxx

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7 Responses to Victim or warrior: who will you be in 2013?

  1. Lisa says:

    Very well said. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. LOVE this “Responsibility > response-ability > the ability to respond.”


  3. suze wilderstien says:

    So pleased to find this site. For a while now, i have been concerned about deeply negative aspects of global life. Most recently the girl tortured and raped in รndia. This was bought to the attention of the whole world. I wondered if so much focused attention was unhealthy, but I also did not want to bury my head in the sand and ignore it. So much happened because of this horrific act. Women under siege was formed, laws were forged to help prevent rape. People stood toogether to force change. I guess we need to know what is really going on in the world,, but we have a choice to either say, isnt it awful ….. Or we can say, what can i do to turn this negative into a positive. Each small step in the directionn away from fear, by each one of us, when faced with adverse news, turns it around. These are the choices we face. Easy to stay in the flock bleating about it, not as easy, but such an adventure to leave the flock and go to the front and lead them from pastures of disolusion to pastures where solutions grow. Its just a choice between sharing in the fear, or seeking a solution. As they say, where theres a will, theres a way. Would love to know about firewalking, did this in a dream once, and wanted to replicate in life….? Kindest regards Suze


    • Firechild says:

      Hi Suze, thanks for reading & for your comment. The first step is always breaking the chain, which can be both terrifying & empowering.

      Happy to talk to you about firewalking. Drop me a line any time:

      Walk in truth & beauty,



    • Firechild says:

      Hi Suze,

      There are some terrible things going on in the world, yes, & we all have the ability to choose how we react to them. There are many aspects of victim/warrior behaviour when it comes to these matters & many options over how to process them; whether we do something practical where possible, search for teachings we can apply to our own lives, look for patterns on a local/global scale, pretend it’s not happening, pretend it isn’t real, convince ourselves it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t directly affect us, get so absorbed that we wallow in the negative energies… the possibilities are endless.

      There’s no one size fits all here, no easy answer… only an opportunity to really examine our responses, from the place of the ‘chief’, or the higher self, & ask if we did all that was needed, both for ourselves & for all our relations. We can’t all leap from our sofas, drop all other responsibilities & fly out to get hands on with global issues, but we CAN all be more aware of our responses & our response-ability.

      If we believe in the power of positive energy, I sometimes wonder how a radical shift in global thinking might change the world at large; if we all strived to live the life of the spiritual warrior, what effect might that world-wide attitudinal shift create?

      Happy to share all you want to know about firewalking. Drop me an email… or did you want a blog?

      As always, thank you for posting.

      Walk in truth & beauty,



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