Let it go, let it go…

SO, here we are. Another new year begins. What will YOU do with it?

Regardless of whether you choose to view the first day of 2015 as a special occasion or just another day, whether you went out last night and partied the last dregs of 2014 away, counted down with family, or simply went to bed at the usual time, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this day acts as a marker for new beginnings on our modern-day calendars.

New beginnings AND, of course, the letting go of things that no longer serve us.

Change your life
We can come up with resolutions – usually things we THINK we SHOULD do, rather than things we WANT to do, or we can forget about writing a list that will simply gather dust in the back of a drawer somewhere and simply choose to do things differently. And that really CAN be life changing!

But do WHAT differently?

It’s up to you.

Look within. Have a word with yourself and be really, really honest. What is it that blocks you? What is it that stresses you out or stops you from moving forwards? Which emotion or reaction keeps on trapping you? What do you want instead?

If you’re bitter, or envious, about things other people have, try being happy for them instead, or, if it’s something you really want, try setting an intention to manifest it for yourself, and be thankful for the other person’s achievements giving you a kick up the backside on the way to your own goals. If you’re angry, work out what your trigger is and find ways to move towards a more positive state (there are plenty of tools out there to help – www.source.tv might be a good starting place). If you’re bitter or resentful about your job, choose to either view it differently or get a new one. If you’re unhappy with your life, for whatever reason, spend some time working out what would really, truly make you happy and start aiming for that. And if your answer to “what will make me happy?” is “money” or something materialistic, try digging deeper… what is it about the new car / house / kitchen / overflowing bank account that would make you happy? What emotional states do you believe would manifest? Because that’s the driver, and that’s what you want to be aiming for, and maybe, just maybe, there are quick wins and easier ways to achieve that state before you get to the Ferrari and the mansion!

Let it go, let it go… (apologies for the earworm!)
Just try it. This year, instead of listing resolutions to be broken on a scrap of paper, try deciding what you want to release instead, and then decide what you want to manifest in place of whatever you choose to let go. You might just find it’ll change your life!

Here’s to an amazing 2015, full of love, laughter and abundance of everything that makes your soul dance and your heart sing.

Until next time, walk in truth and beauty,


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