How do you respond to a revolution?

RevolutionASTROLOGY has never really been my thing, but when it became clear that so many people around me were struggling, going into ego, victim or simply acting out of character, I asked one of my more star savvy friends what was going on.

According to my pal Lisa Gates, we’re currently experiencing a yod. “A what?”, you might ask. I certainly did! Apparently, it’s a rare astrological aspect involving any three celestial bodies. This occurs when two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third. Thanks for that, Wiki!

Here’s how Lisa explained things to me on Facebook last night: “There is an astrological yod that made a direct hit today, highlighting karmic memories and dependency. But there is a series of events happening every day leading up to a solar eclipse at the end of the week. It’s the biggest week in astrology for a decade. It’s so exciting and yet the energy is so volatile. It is the Uranus/Pluto square. Since 2012 these two planets are creating the same energy that brought in revolution in the 60’s and the great depression in the 20’s and 30’s and this week they make another 4th direct hit – this will carry on until 2018. Revolution is already happening in society. World order will change and so is the consciousness of the masses. On top of all this there is a lot of sunspot activity – I posted this earlier today: Solar flares and photon waves are changing the fabric of our physical reality as they have a dramatic effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear.”

Right. That explains things then. Thank you, Lisa. Seems we’re all children of the revolution… and funny things always happen during a revolution, don’t they?

Seriously, though, with all these huge planetary shifts going on around us, don’t we need to be even more careful – as individuals – to be aware of what we’re doing with our energies? Where we’re directing our frustrations? Our anger? Our blame? Even our desires? These are challenging times – changing times – and, as a general rule, not many people like change. Change pushes us out of our comfort zone and into new realms of opportunity and growth… that space just outside of that comfortable bubble we all cling to is where the magic happens, so why are so many of us so determined to dig in our heels and cling onto the status quo for dear life? And why are we so quick to lash out when we’re shown a different perspective?

Chaotic energies
Not too long ago, Asha and I were asked to step in and cover for someone at a conference, when the original speaker had to pull out at the eleventh hour. We agreed to help and, in the little time we had, received some pretty swift downloads from spirit about how our piece should run. We discussed our (or, technically, Spirit’s) plan with the organisers who agreed that it sounded just about perfect. And here’s how the chaotic energies that have been swirling around for the past goodness knows how long can affect an otherwise simple plan…

When we arrived at the conference venue, we were advised that there were some changes being made. We’d now need to build some additional steps into the programme and make some last minute adjustments. No problem… the original plan was changing, but that was okay. Change, it seemed, was the name of the game, and the goalposts were continually shifting right up to time we stepped out onto the floor, with Spirit sending us last minute adjustments as well. By the time we ended, having built in all the required last minute changes and additions, it’s fair to say the plan was quite different to the original download! There was an air of chaos as a 100-strong crowd weaved its way through the conference grounds, trying not to break a giant woollen hoop of prayers we’d all created, and untangling the thread from some of the new outdoor altars certainly didn’t help. The energies swirled, the time went on and, by the time we’d completed the workshop we were originally asked to do, we were overtime and feeling a little frayed!

Roll with the punches
Personally, I don’t mind change. I quite like it. And if those chaotic energies are coming through, I tend to roll with them. Everything happens exactly as it should, at exactly the perfect time, right? So, although things hadn’t gone entirely to the original, much more simple plan, Asha and I chose to go with the energies, roll with the punches and just trust. Because that’s what we do. We listen to Spirit, we trust and we stand in our truth.

The real test for us came later. When the feedback came through from that particular event, it seemed we’d created a schism. The Marmite effect was in full swing… people either loved what we did, or utterly hated it… only one mark on the excellent to diabolical scale bridged the gap. Extreme opinions on either side of the fence.

Remember the planetary party going on? All that crazy, mixed up energy? Here’s where we had a choice. We could focus on all the negative comments, or focus on the positives… either option could, if not keeping the energy clear and balanced, become a tipping point though; too much focusing on the negatives could lead to drowning in a pool of victim tears, and too much focus on the positive could lead to taking the ostrich approach and tickling the edges of ego.

Breathe. Step back. Remember the eagle’s perspective: look at the entire pitch and learn what’s needed.

Here’s how I responded. I read through that feedback, page by painful (and joyful) page, weeded out the comments that were sarcastic and had so obviously bypassed the heart, then eliminated the elements mentioned over which we had no control, then looked for the common threads on both sides of the fence. I nodded at some of the constructive criticisms and took the lessons into the dream with me, seeking additional advice and guidance, and I balanced the more difficult teachings with all the positive comments and feedback we received.

The result? I wasn’t drowning in negativity or partying on the back of praise. Between the two lies a knife edge, full of wonderful, beautiful teachings, so that’s where I chose to walk.

Which brings me full circle. Yes, we’re currently surrounded by swirling, chaotic energies, but each of us still has the responsibility to respond appropriately to any given situation. We all have the ability to respond… response-ability.

Whatever’s going on in your life, however, difficult or chaotic, remember to consider your response – to respond, not react. Sometimes, the best teachings are the hardest ones to swallow, and the path of the spiritual warrior is to not only accept those lessons, but to be grateful for them.

The biggest teaching for me in all this? Truth. My truth might not be your truth, and vice versa, but if I can hold true to the will of my trusted guides, if I can still listen to that voice on the breeze and follow its lead in the face of adversity – sometimes from my peers – I’m following the path my soul is meant to take. And if the lessons on that path are tough? Well, I’ve called them, and being in my truth means taking them on board and moving THROUGH them, learning from them, not RESISTING them.

  • Have you noticed an energetic shift lately? Has it affected you? What have you observed? Do comment and share your experiences with us… we’d love to hear from you.

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4 Responses to How do you respond to a revolution?

  1. hiraeth66 says:

    Thank you.. lots of things in that post I needed to hear! 🙂


  2. Sonara says:

    Love the way you weeded through the responses!!


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